Notify my friends that I use Emotiplus

Share Emotiplus with your Skype contacts

You enjoy animated conversations? That’s what Emotiplus is for!

Install the application for free on your Skype and enjoy tons of new emoticons, Winks and sounds to enrich your Skype conversations.

To be able to see and send Winks, your contacts must install Emotiplus as well. And you can let them know that you installed the application and invite them to do so as well.

Here’s how it works:

On the second page of the installation process, we suggest the following option:

If you wish to activate the option, Emotiplus will send invitations to your contact list automatically.

You can stop Emotiplus from inviting your contacts to install the app any time, by unchecking the box «Let my friends know that I use Emotiplus» This option can be reached easily by clicking the icon next to the «Help» button.

You can also select the contacts you wish to notify by sending them a Wink. We will then le them know that you are using Emotiplus and invite them to install the app and be able to see your Wink.

Do not hesitate to contact us may you encouter any difficulty using Emotiplus. We’ll be more than happy to help and will respond quickly.

Emotiplus is like a quick break, a way to make your Skype conversations funny, animated and everything but boring.

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