Introduction to the Emotiplus language introduction

The Winks:

The most reliable way to express your feelings, you can send live animations to your contacts. You want to show that you are «LOL», why don’t you do it through an animation? Feeling sorry? A sad little bunny will be the best way to express your sadness.

The Games:

What if we told you that you can challenge your friends on skype?
You need a quick break? Easy ! Just send an invitation to your contact and challenge him on a game of your choice.
Play to show your contacts you are the best, or simply to share a fun moment ! New games will be continuously added.

The Wizz:

The best weapon for drawing your busy interlocutor’s attention, a simple click will make your contact’s screen shake. For the oldest amongst us, this will revive nostalgic memories, for the youngest, this is a more agressive Facebook Poke.

The Sounds:

Emotiplus offers multiple sound effects, you’ll be able to send many different sounds to your contacts: the growling of a tiger, the sound of a crazy chicken, a demonic laughter and other timeless sounds.

Emotiplus in action action

wink Play the video to catch a glimpse of the WINKS
wizz Play the video to catch a glimpse of the WIZZ
son Play the video to catch a glimpse of the SOUNDS