Emotiplus, Our users’ feedback

Our users’ feedback

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Here are some of the comments that brought a big smile to our faces!

Our users’ feedback:

  • 1) Great!! That’s exactly what I needed! I use Skype very often and I’m happy to have new and funnier emoticons. I started to feel bored with the old ones!
  • 2) Good call Emotiplus! My friends and I enjoy the winks and the wizz so much :) Plus it’s easy to install and no need to restart Skype! :p
  • 3) LOL! I can’t stop sending the “Nooo” Wink to my colleagues; it’s driving them nuts! :D Great Skype add-on! The developers did a great job!
  • 4) I like it! This Add-on is a real plus for all Skype users. The sound effects are really funny; I hope there will be an update soon with new emoticons.
  • 5) Go Emotiplus! I’m so happy to be able to use the wizz again! It reminds me of my teenage years on MSN :p Keep it up :D
  • 6) Really funny! I’ve just installed it and I think it’s quite well done! The quality of the animations is great. Good luck!
  • 7) Can we make suggestions for new emoticons? I like the ones that come with the app but I have great ideas :p
  • 8) Emotiplus is a great tool for my conversations! I sometimes joke with the colleagues and I find some Winks very inspiring. Plus it’s easy to install, well done ;)
  • 9) Great Job ! You should add more Winks and features.
  • 10) Your emoticons made my day :D ! Thank you.

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