Choose from a continually enriched Winks’ reserve and brighten up your Skype conversations thanks to multiple expressions, staging and sounds, brought to you by Emotiplus.

May you be in love, laughing out loud or just puzzled, Emotiplus will speak out for you and help you share your feelings with your contacts. Easily install the application and enjoy a user-friendly interface that offers you tons of crazy Winks and freaky Sounds. No more boring conversations and small emoticons, the time for huge animations and hilarious sounds has come.

Emotiplus is a lot more than a simple application; it’s a new mean of communication. No need to type long and complex sentences to express your opinion, a simple Sound, a Wink or even a Wizz will help you send a clear message in just a click.

And since your lives are full of events, at Emotiplus, we tought of everything,

the proof in this video ;)

You wish to be taught the basics of the Emotiplus language?

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